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About an hour before my wedding, my best man gave me a bounty to open from my very bashful, virginal wifey. Inwards was a photo album with fully naked, erotic pictures of my bride. All I could think of the entire day of my wedding were those pictures. During the ceremony we were standing in front of the cherry mary. We were supposed to be praying...instead I was talking with her about her photos! I have about 25 8 x 10s or larger from this photo session. In all, the photographer took about 100 pictures. I plan on ordering all the proofs on cd rom. If the voting is good, I just may be able to talk her into letting me submit more pictures.

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As part of the ongoing desconstruction of my life, I thought it would be joy to send in some photos of just relieving in my sofa. I lounge on it often, particularly when studying for a class or talking on the phone. It's the most comfy spot in my plane, and wearing the right clothing, it can be truly nice to punch back. Leave behind drugs, sleeping on this handy mattress or laying down to read a book--those are the ultimate addiction (lord, I am such a dork!). I've also found it relaxes me enough to get indeed revved on, and many photo sets posted here and on my own site began with an impulse while lounging here. Convenience gets in a mood to loosen up, I guess :)

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