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naturist has been a excellent source for inspiration in my marriage, so while Hubby was at work, I went shopping for some joy high high-heeled slippers (I loved the color, but I doubt I'll have any other occasion to wear them) and a bottle of wine. After some grooming, I was ready for our photo shoot when he got home. We didn't get to take many pics however because Hubby couldn't restrain himself. We @#$&*! at least two times a day and taunting him with a panty was just too much. Oh, and I almost left behind. . . These pics are dedicated to LoveGirl. If you're still interested in going out on the town, you knowwhere to find me. Love,

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Loren - On Her Day Off Hey guys. I hope you like this set even however I look terrible. What's new? Nothing much ... still working and all, but Yes!!!! No work or school today! Haha! Sooo because of that, I woke up knowing what I'd like to do with my free day. I will wear adorable, sexy clothes, my brand fresh boots bought from work, and then...not go to work! hehe...smiles! Instead, I will go to the good ol OC -- to that place where my ex and I once went (which, according to him, looked like the fattest mall in the world). I love it, I will eat street food (because street food fed me while growing up), and then shop at those little wagon shops. I love those things...it makes every place perceive like an amusement park.

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