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This is Meaghan. Total cutie that she is, I coaxed her on our way to Rocky Horror that she should do some wild and crazy poses out in public. Amazingly, she agreed! Granted, most of these outside were taken around 3:30AM, but it's still a gas station nonetheless. And of course, afterwards, when we got back home... use you imaginations. By the way, yes- these were all taken in one night, and we have more escapades planned. Yes, you'll get whatever pictures I'm able to get, too. Like her? There are more pics!! Check her out at this Fnudistsite.. Concert Flashing! They have more pics of her, and thousands of concert flashing pics and flicks. The url is

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No matter what I do some comments always ask for shots from closer up and spread further LOL. And there are always a few who request I 'put something in my ass' LOL! It isn't like I haven't before in pics I've posted to voy-zone or my own site, I just dont sense like doing it EVERY day! Its okay however 'cause no fellow I've ever dated or fucked understood that romp back there was for special occasions either. The rest of the time that area is for decorative purposes only! I had so many different and awesome pix of me stringing up in my comfys from last week that I figured I should send in a mix for both the admirers of the tasteful sexy style and also those who delve explicit close-ups.

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