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Howdy all you horny voy-zonebers, its Pebbles Pinky and I'm back again! I don't know if anybody remembers me since it's been so lengthy since I last posted, I've just been active with school and all kinds of other shit life has introduced me with. I do however check naturist & nudistregularly to see all the beautiful women posting their gorgeous pics! I've truly missed posting pics demonstrating off my donk, I love eyeing myself somewhere on the Global 100 ranks pages in the company of so many other hot chicks, amazing how it can just brighten up your day! I've also truly missed all of your awesome comments, they always make so fuckin' horny! For those of you with comments such as, "just another crack hor" or "FEED HER….. A Dual CHEESEBURGER", I appreciate that you take time out of your active schedule to write things such as that, but there are hundreds of other beautiful women on this site that you could comment on with something a little more positive (and original), which I'm sure they would greatly appreciate! There's way too much hating and hostility in our world, no need for it on naturist too! Anyways, I hope everyone luvs these pics and I'm excited to hear all of your comments! xoxoxo Pebbles

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Dear Kate, Asher, Zoey, et al, Well, you have put up a challenge that I believe I'm up for. For the most part I attempt to be modest, but I guess my arse is my fave and I like to boast...hehe! Please forgive :) While vacationing in Jamaica, I was told by a Jamaican that I have a Jamaican butt (wow that was a lot of Jamaica!). I took it as a compliment and have been proud ever since! *G* Actually since that fateful tour to Jamaica and the very fateful very first contri 'Tanning Oil', I haven't sensed the same about my looks since. I notice that I smile more, stand and sit up straighter, and all and all have a nicer attitude in the direction of life. Which brings me to a post in the GBB, by Lora I believe, that asked a survey question of what would you do if you spotted a contributor in real life. I have often wondered when someone takes a 2nd or longer look at me if they recognize me from the naturist or if it's just that I always have a smile on my face, cause I'm thinking about you guys. *EG* I think it would be pretty cool to be recognized, notably if they have something nice to say. But I guess you never know until it actually happens. Wow, I guess I got waaaay off the subject there! I hope everyone likes the menagerie of pics I've assembled. We didn't actually put together a shoot for this, just took a few of my faves (and Jme agreed ;) ) from some of our sets, past and introduce. I love reading everyone's comments (be nice!) from guys, women, and couples. I do attempt to react on the BBS, but it's not always possible. I'm sorry if I didn't react to anyone's, but know that I do get very revved on by everyone's wonderful compliments! And Jme always appreciates that!

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