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For those about to RAWK....I salute you! Ok I will admit to that being impressively cheesy....sorry sorry....couldn't help it! I am in a good mood. Just got back from a road journey with my fam. Now now...don't go thinking dirty thoughts...I was a flawless little angel!Just went north for a few days to visit some peeps and chill out....now that I am back...its back to being insane ol' me again. I am glad so many of you are down with my hair and my look....that means a lot to me...you guys are so sweet...I still think I am going to make some sort of switch here pretty briefly. Maybe I will go slow....I won't talk about it anymore until I do something. I talk to much as it is...I don't need to babble about something over and over again until I am actually going to do it....its just kinda stressful! I have been the same way so long! I did these pictures with my little stereo blasting....what else? GREEN DAY! I am so into the fresh album...I got to see them live on their last tour too. So amazing! Man...its punch bum being green sometimes! Ok ok...lame joke. Sorry!

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