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Here are Two photos of the ex before she developed an attitude. Hope you love - you've got the best site. Thanks, Gary *** Thanks Gary. We received email from other web master asking us for the secret of our success (success measured in visitors/day and contributions..)....eight companies already wished to hire Kate....another two companies dreamed to buy consultancy from us.....and we keep on telling everyone the same story: We have no idea what happened - and we are still the same unprofessional site we have ever been...maybe some more stupid banners here or there to cover all the costs...and we do not run any advertisement for our site anywhere and still we get more and more visitors every day...we began to count the days until our fresh servers will be slow again...anyhow: Thanks for the compliment and we attempt to remain as we are...thats the only way to survive...and Kate will stay with us too! I mean, if anyone of you out there could see Kate, you would understand what I mean...I see him in his socalled office right now, smoking his homegrown and a bottle of vodka in front of him and I hear him saying" Shit - another beauty.....I will get crazy today....Cant we hire a pro lady for those days.....I am horny, shit...I want an gross contribution to get down on earth now....or someone has to hire a profi lady" and both June and Dane dont come even close to his office door.... Zak ****

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Jax is perplexed at the positive response to her very first set of photos. She was gravely worried the old school pin-up look might not mix with today's more explicit "sexual viewing material." Here are some more shots, including more butt and breast shots, as requested. Jax and I have been talking a lot on instant messenger to arrange our D&D game. Emma and Fiona may get involved, but they seemed a bit put off when I told her it was toyed with dice and paper, and not on the Xbox. Jax is going to attempt and bring a few friends--things could get interesting. I just may have to record the event for my site, and get some pics for voy-zone.

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