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We spend so much time indoors after winter arrives here in Michigan. So for my bday, my wifey astonished me. After we returned home, she told me to get my camera. And I couldn't believe what she had planned after that. Very first, she leisurely took her clothes off for the camera. Then -- more and more and more! She must have planned this surprise all night lengthy, which explains why she drank so many glasses of wine. Unluckily, she is far too bashful to be identified. And as you can see, there is a large gap in the sequence of photos. But with enough encouragement, perhaps she will reconsider.... Or at least let me take more photos :).

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Hola amigos! Mi hombre and I love the naturist site and have found it to be more than inspirational for our own photos. Well, we eventually got plucky enough to send in our very first contri, and here it is to share with you all. We are not sure which section these best fit into. These photos were taken on a quiet Sunday morning around the city. We attempted to get some nice city views (vistas) in the background. The streets embarked to get a little active during some of the last few pics, and they came out a little blurry as we didn't have fairly enough time to get the concentrate right before snapping the shutter. We're getting nicer with practice! It's a little hard to see in some of the pics, but I'm wearing spandex hood jewelry with a little pearl dangle. We hope to hear positive responses... if this goes well, we might send in more! Please blur my face, I'm still fairly bashful. Hasta luego,

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