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Me and my wife's sis (call her Vee, 27y.o.) went out for a drive one night just two shoot the shit and see a nice Ca. evening. I have used my wifey, her, and their other sista as models to test my digital camera as I learned who to use it, and I am always asking when we are going to do some more shoots. So the topics of bang-out, the internet and pictures came up and I told about a contribution featuring my wifey (should be titled "Mild and Wild") I made to this site. She seemed a little taken aback that I didn't inform my wifey (still doesn't know, will after posting, comments allowing) prior to sending in. But I added that to even things up I would send in some of myself for posting. So I asked her if she would graciously be my photographer for my maiden voyage to RC. She agreed and was a truly good sport about it, as you can see by her bright smile on shots of us together. (I know everyone hates "The Blurs" but it's a necessary part of contributing for us) I didn't think I would be but I have to admit I was a bit jumpy, and I now have an even greater respect for the other contributors. So we had joy doing the pics, and she mentioned that if comments requested HER doing a naturist contri, she might take up the suggest. IF that does happen and comments are good with her, we might consider asking her other sis to do one. What do you think nudist'ers? Because of that possibility, I have included some tame pics (the test shots) of bothof my sis-in-laws, some more of Vee and the other of 'Cee' (31) on the rocks. So it's up to you nudist'ers-you make the call. You never know, maybe we will get all of them together! Please blur faces if I missed, and assemble in order-003,004, etc. is you can. Thanks

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hi nudistcrew - i'am a devotee of your site since years. i loved the contris on your site but was a bit enviously to all the guys flashing the wifes and gf?s because my wifey didn't want to make photos like that. two weeks ago (i don't know why) she asked me to make some pics - very first she was a bit timid but with every pic she get nastier and nastier - she even asked me to post the pics in diff. ng?s and ask the guys out there for some comments and tributes - the react was irresistable - i thought this have to be continued (with brand fresh pics) on your site. so PLEASE send here your comments and tributes she truly loves them!!! thanks & kinde regards - nice duo

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