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As to the quality of the photography? Perhaps some should actually Attempt shooting in a cramped little dressing booth with non-professionals in front of the camera, all while a store manager is pounding on the door requesting "What is taking so lengthy in there?" This is NOT pro studio photography - this is a commando shoot on the run with finish amateurs - a youthful woman with erotic fantasies, and accomplices chosen cold by supplied Email addresses - by an fledgling photographer... going far beyond what the store manager agreed to - and then getting the nasty phone calls from the same manager the next day concerning the condoms in the waste basket.

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Hey all So this is Anya here! Yeah, I began writing my own posts. Logan has been on me forever about it, so ultimately I gave in. So this is me. This is what I wear Monday thru Friday as I play the part of a hard working nymph attempting to make completes meet! I know, I know, skimpy me. Anyway I went to meet up with Logan and Nick who were putting together some shots for the site, and so to kill time until it was my turn I commenced to attempt and do work in the kitchen on my laptop. Next thing I know, here is Nick all up on me flashing that camera telling me we should do a shoot in my work clothes. I wasn't to into that at very first, but then I rememebered what I had underneath so I went for it. I actually loved how they came out so here they are. I keep thinking it would be hilarious if the people from my insurance office spotted these and recognized me. I am not to worried about it, I earnestly doubt if any of them will. That place is so boring I can't see how any of them would be looking at pornography. Hope you love my pictures. This is what I wear to work and even finer, what I wear under my clothes to work. Not all of us agents are boring! xoxoxo Anya

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