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Hi Kate, Jerry, Squad and all you voy-zonebers!! Thank you all for the comments on my Hawaii contri. Watching the contris for the last month or so I have noticed that things have been getting a little hot in here. Thanks Kate, I can eventually send WFIs again, just for you of course!!! *EG* Right before my tour our camera broke right in the middle of a friend's wedding. Jme used it as the flawless excuse to get the fresh Canon he has been drooling over. Itis very cool and takes good pictures, but with interchangeable lenses, and tons of features our Olympus didnit have, it's taking forever to learn how to use, LOL. The good thing about that is a lot of fresh pictures! Some of them pretty good, hehe. These were from an afternoon of "practice" with me in a sheer nightie and a sexy pair of 'stripper' high-heeled shoes. Oh yeah, and those damn tanlines from my vacation that I can't get rid of, LOL. If only my regular footwear would keep my gams looking like this, Iid never wear pants! Hehe. I hope you love and look forward to reading all your messages. You guys are the best! Love Ya, Nikki ;)~

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Kate, this is Ka's next contri for naturist, taken during our last vacation on Sardegna, that lovely little island nearby Italy. As always on vacation, we we've been searching for a good location for taking a few Outdoors, when we found this place about 50 feet awayfroma petite road, which was the only way to reach the east coast. Many people passed by in their cars, some of them stopped and got a excellent view on a 'German landscape' *g*. Very first Ka used to hide behind a rock when we sawa car coming, but at least she determined to stay right there, it was "too much work to slip away every two minutes, usually right in the moment, when we got a fine pose". We've had a lot of joy taking these, and we bet, some of the Sardegnans had so too. Sorry, but due to compressing pic quality is not so fine as originals (for sure *g*). Have joy and love. Please title 'Ka on Sardegna 1' and put in NIP, if you can use them. Love and smooches from Good Old Germany (whereever you want them) ...

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