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After testing the waters with our very first subjugation, and with encouragement from the sweet people that left comments, and the wonderful commentary by Sailor, we determined to slip another contribution into voy-zone before we leave for vacation in Two days. Most of these were done on one day, however the duo more explicit ones were done that night. I think we both choose the natural light augmented with a flash for this type of photography than all flash. Seems to make things more harsh? Ahhhh you will just have to suffer thru our experimentation phase of all this! We do promise to take lots of pictures while we are on vacation and should they pass my very scrutinous eye, we'll post some of them briefly too. The miracle of internet connectivity even on remote tropical islands…. Thanks in advance for the comments! You certainly do keep my email engaged attempting to response them!

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Hi Kate, Asher and everyone. I have some bad news... I have to confess that my wifey Anthea was very wild today. We had earlier talked about coming in your contest Kate, where you mention wearing one of your very cool voy-zone T-Shirts. Well, I couldn’t believe it, but Anthea was a very, very bad doll. Damn, she snuck out of the mansion today and said she’d be right back. I thought she had gone out for a walk in the forest. When I didn’t see her for a while, I went looking for her outside and THIS is what I found! Lo and behold, there this mischievous damsel was with a pair of very dangerous scissors. I have told her time and time again to NEVER play with these because someone could get badly hurt. I have since scolded her and she is NOT permitted to play with scissors ever again! So, I guess our original *SV contest entry will have to wait. As all of you can see below, this was her resultant behaviour caught on camera for your *SV contest. Oh, and Anthea says to you Kate, “I’m sorry, I wuz a very bad grrrl and I promise I’ll never do it again... “ THANK GOD I got there before it was too late for the navy blue one! Jeeeez, some chicks are just so damn sexy when they are bad. She is still in the corner for a timeout as I write this.

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