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Talk about the fattest Taunt yet, I got my man GOOD! Not only did I surprise him with my 1st contri, his eyes literally popped out when he witnessed my "Tease Debut" featured on the main page. Yeah, that even made me SMILE! Not only was it waaaaaaaay flattering, it meant the dare we've been throwing around for years was officially ON! :-) So here's my playful dude stepping up to the challenge, as I knew he would! These are just some of the many pics he's sent to taunt and tantalize me at work, always accompanying them with jiggly thoughts and temptations, revving me up for the evening to come! After all these years, he's still the love of my life, keeping life joy, alive and always total of escapade. I hope you ladies love and appreciate him has much as I do!!! If you'd like to see the dare that began this all, you can find it in Private Shots, December Four, "First Time." Love and thanks to all who left such kind and wonderful comments. We're truly lovin’ this fresh venture and our freshly found friends!

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Hi, My name is Thomas and my wife's name is Helena. We have been taking pictures (Polaroids) and making flicks for two years now. We have only recently been using a digital camera and are ready to post our work on the web. The affixed JPEGS are our very first attempts at making a themed collection using the digital camera and we would appreciate any comments you have. We have more hard-core pics to submit but we are fighting with the anonymity issue. Neither of us care for smudging or blacked-out faces but we don't want to be identified. Helena is 31 and very sexual. Albeit I am from Texas and Helena is from Indiana we ended up meeting at a pub in England on a biz journey. We found out that we are sexually compatible and the rest is history. We have loved documenting our hump life and hope others like it too. Thanks,

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