I have told her my little secret and she accepts it

24433273I’m not from a naturist family. Nudity in the home wasn’t frowned upon, it just didn’t happen. I discovered the wonderful world of nudity one hot afternoon in my garden. I was alone and was in the area of the garden which can’t be seen by the neighbours. Unable to find any reason not to, I decided to see what it would be like to sunbathe naked. After taking a long time to finally take everything off, I knew within 30 seconds that I had made the right decision. In fact, when I had had enough of the sun, I went indoors and stayed naked until a few minutes before my parents were due home.
Like many other authors on this site, I would take my clothes off the moment I had the house to myself, getting dressed again before anyone came home. I wanted to tell my parents so that I could perhaps have the opportunity to be naked more often. I couldn’t decide whether to sit down and talk to them about it or to take the direct approach. I stopped wearing my dressing gown when walking from bathroom to shower room partly because I couldn’t see the point and partly because I wanted to test the water if I was seen. I was only seen a couple of times, both by my dear Mum. The first time she was a bit shocked and asked me “Don’t you mind being seen?” My reply was something along the lines of “No, what’s the big deal?” I don’t remember her answer but I do know that, on the second occasion, she didn’t react with the same amount of surprise.
I interpreted this as a positive sign but didn’t summon the courage to ask her if she would mind me going about the house naked all the time. My Dad also gave me an opportunity to ‘reveal all’ when he commented on the gardens suitability for nude sunbathing but I let the chance pass by, again!! Eventually, I decided it was easier not to say anything than to risk their disapproval And so it continued until I left home to live with the woman who is now my wife. I have told her my little secret and she accepts it (just about!) but I know she feels uncomfortable if I am naked at any other time than the usual times for nudity, bedtime etc.
As I look back, I really regret not finding out if my parents would have been ok with my nudity or not. I would advise anyone who is considering approaching the subject with their family to do it; you have nothing to lose and absolutely everything to gain.